Industrial Security


Industrial security is way too different than other security set ups, due to which our industrial security system includes security from the gate to every corner of the premises. There is meticulous monitoring & recording of every entry and exits through frisking of entering & departing employees. Our security system performs round the clock patrols of the entire area even the remotest of corners to prevent unlawful ingress or egress. We ensure strict adherent to company’s restricted area access policies. Our industrial security force is specially trained to exercise utmost vigilance in preventing mishaps equally importantly.They are trained to react instantaneously to any problem which may occur without any thought to their own safety. Firmness discipline courtesy are guiding principles of our industrial Security people.

Commercial Security


Our daily preoccupation is to raise corporate standards through customer care, subject matter depth and employing a protective environment. The need of the hour is to protect common, commercial and medical establishment in particular where large cash transactions and other assets require specialized security measures for e.g. Banks, ATM’s, Software companies, High value showrooms and emporiums, etc. Our large supervised force take honest responsibility of security & safety of your establishment. They are specially trained in unarmed combat, techniques to disarm & over power armed assailants as the situation demands and can also use weapons themselves, they are extremely effective deterrents.

Special Event Security


Special events are more vulnerable to be disturbances because it’s an easy opportunity for the troublemakers to create problems. Handling a large crowd is a tough job and hence it requires special skill sand expertise. SAS INDIA trains its people for such a service. Right from dealing sensitively with V.I.Ps, operating metal and explosive detection instruments, under taking searches of people in premises without disrupting the event,we are all better at it. We have a special manpower reserved to be deployed at a very short notice.

Technology Consulting


We have up till now carried out various assignments of executive protection successfully, our team has earned a great name in escorting and protecting government executives, VIPs, VVIPs and so many personalities from Indian film industry. We have sharpened our skills in such projects to such extents that we have been awarded with wonderful compliments from our prestigious clients.