SAS INDIA’S rapid growth in the industry is due to its keen focus on the quality aspects. For maintaining better quality, very well trained employees is a must and for that purpose our team consist of highly educated and certified trainers who have their specialization in industrial health and safety, Security drills and risk prevention. This helps us to consult several industrial units for Security audits and trainings. We also offer placement services to our clients, because helping our clients in every possible manner is our utmost priority. We have provided many deserving candidates right from basic technical grounds to the high level management personals.

Industrial Security

Industrial security is way too different than other security set ups, due to
which our industrial security system includes security from the gate to
every corner of the premises. There is meticulous monitoring & recording of
every entry and exits through frisking of entering & departing employees.
Our security system performs round theclock patrols of the entire area even
the remotest of corners to prevent unlawful ingress or egress. We ensure strict
adherent to company’s restricted area access policies. Our industrial security force
is specially trained to exercise utmost vigilance in preventing mishaps equally
importantly.Theyaretrained to react instantaneously to any problem which may
occur without any thought to their own safety. Firmness discipline courtesy are
guiding principles of our industrial Securitypeople.

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