Why Choose Us ?

SAS INDIA’S rapid growth in the industry is due to its keen focus on the quality aspects. For maintaining better quality, very well trained employees is a must and for that purpose our team consist of highly educated and certified trainers who have their specialization in industrial health and safety, Security drills and risk prevention. This helps us to consult several industrial units for Security audits and trainings. We also offer placement services to our clients, because helping our clients in every possible manner is our utmost priority. We have provided many deserving candidates right from basic technical grounds to the high level management personals. With varied range of services we provide, our group has also entered the facility management sector. Encountering the defect and flaws in facility services, SAS INDIA has been approached several times by our clients. Taking which into consideration and studying the present day scenarios, we have also started catering such customer needs too. Our clients in this regard are mainly from malls,hospital and hotel industry. But with the same working principle we have achieved enormous results

The key benefits of choosing our services are

  • High productivity with reduction in cost
  • Highly professional workforce trained to solve problems on their own.
  • Routine checkups and work efficiency tests. Before and after evaluation of performance.
  • 100 % compliant
  • Feedback collection system.
  • Working with the best equipments to reduce time as well cost and increase the productivity and quality of work We care for our employees with best in industry remunerations, facilities and encourage them with incentives .we also provide all the statutory compliances and strictly follow all the government norms such as
  • Payment of salary through bank accounts by 07th of every month.
    Distribution of salary slips to maintain transparency and trust in employees.
  • Payment of EPF by the 15th of every consecutive month.
  • Payment of ESIC by 10th of every consecutive month.
  • Payment of GST by 10th of every month
  • Proper maintenance of attendance, duty , wage , leave and bonus registers.
  • We also have MIS support system.
  • Proper induction and exit of employee with full and final settlement.
  • We have technology driven working ideology to provide world class services to our customers. Inclusion of branded machinery or equipment.
  • Timely maintenance of the machinery or equipment.
  • Proper cycle of service and repair.
  • Proper training of the machine operator.
  • Conscious efforts in prevailing information on the safety instructions.